One phrase can best describe our approach at SchemaZone: "Detailed Planning. Successful Execution. Persistent Follow Up."

Detailed Planning



We seek to understand first the current situation, so we can determine the challenges and, in turn, convert it into opportunities for resolution. 

Planning is never an easy step, however, a critical one that will bridge the gap between where we are to where we want to be.

Successful Execution



The plan is put into action and words shall be seen as tangible results. We set and control the right pace and rhythm of the progress while continually tracking and monitoring the status of the work. This phase is usually the most critical one in the project cycle and it often consumes the most energy and resources.  

Persistent Follow Up



We belive "following up" is a vital part of the work that occurs in each and every phase of the project. A persistent and professional follow up shall positively contribute to the success of each phase. Even after the completion of the execution phase, we urge a continuous follow up to ensure that the best results and outcomes are maintained on the long run.