who we are?

Canadian In Origin. Global In Scope

A consulting, training and contracting firm headquartered right in the heart of Canada‚Äôs business and financial capital, Toronto. We are a success-driven firm that provides management advisory and contracting services customized to help companies from different industries solve business management problems and/or run, lead, and manage their complex projects and initiatives. We have begun from scratch, when a network of professionals, PhD holders, and highly skilled personnel bring to a business table their 15+ practical and academic years of experience to form up a concrete blueprint on which the company has been designed. Since then, we offer a combination of expertise, proficiency, and commitment leveraging our deep industry experience along with using analytical rigor to drive outstanding results for businesses. 

Vision & mission

Our Vision


Our vision is to become a preeminent consulting and contracting corporate that epitomizes excellence in all what we do, working on a global scope and leading our industry by all means.

Our Mission


Our mission everyday is to provide an exceptional consulting and contracting services utilizing the most advanced tools and following the best methodologies in order to enable our clients to become the best-in-class in their respective industries.

Core values


By all means, we stand responsible for any action, word, or promise we make towards ourselves, clients, partners, or society. This is something we are proud of. It stems from our firm belief that accountability is an essential quality one should have in a business life and that it has a clear link to higher work performance and it results in an improved competency and commitment to work.

Team Work

We support a collaborative culture were open and honest communication should always exist whether among our internal personnel or with any external party. This implies standing by each other, showing concern and support, and providing help where ever needed.

Results Orientation

We establish a smooth roadmap that leads us to our clearly predefined goals. And with our permanent "can do" attitude, we move all the way on this roadmap overcoming all obstacles until we reach all our goals nothing less. We never compromise quality neither surpass deadlines.

Always Learning

We have learnt a lot throughout our past years. We have gained a big value during our academic and industry life .Yet, it is important to say that we are still learning, learning, and learning. This is something we will continue to do as we are never satisfied with what we know now.

Passion For Growth

At the heart of our culture is a big passion for development and growth, a growth of our firm, clients network, and value. We always seek a real growth that is an outcome of working hard, so hard. We don't consider shortcuts, however, "smartcuts" which require being smart enough to utilize the needed resources, in the right way, on the right time.